Pre-Professional Registration
Spring 2021
Students Ages 12+

Dance Classes*

Mon - Applying Ballet to Contemporary Dance (4-5:30 PM or 6:45–8:15 PM)

Fri - Ballet/Pointe Technique  (4-5:30 PM or 5:30-7 PM)

Sun - Ballet Masterclass (10 AM-11:30 AM)

Dance Enrichment Classes 

Sun - Partnering & Repertoire (11:30AM - 12:30PM)


Theater Classes*

Tues - Preparing for the Director (5:30-7:30 PM)

Thurs - Preparing for the Choreographer (6:30-8:30 PM)

Sat - Preparing for the Musical Director (4:15-6:15 PM)

Musical Theater Enrichment Classes 

Tues - Theater Dance (3 PM-4 PM)

Tues - Tap (4 PM-5 PM)

Spring Session begins May 3 and ends June 14.

No classes May 31.

Classes on the same day are the same classes at the same level offered at two different times to accommodate schedules and to allow us to keep class sizes small according to our COVID-19 Protocol.

Classes can be taken in-person at BellWorks or virtually.

* Auditions are required for new students Ages 12+ prior to registration!

Applying Ballet to Contemporary Dance 

In search for new inspiration and techniques choreographers are taking ballet as a point of departure to create new language for contemporary work. Refine your ballet technique while learning contemporary movement and how to prepare for the contemporary choreographer. Taught by AXCBT professionals..

Ballet/Pointe Technique

A 1.5 hour class focused on advancing your strength and ability. Become fluent in the rules of ballet, from the placement of the fingertips to the subtle skill of flexing the elbows. A professional class with Gabriel Chajnik and AXCBT professional dancers and live accompaniment by pianist, Joe Moffitt, bringing together the finest technique & artistry.


Ballet Masterclass

A 1.5 hour class taught by ballet guest artists  that will help you embody energy, passion and confidence, but balance that with a sense of calm and self-assuredness. Live piano accompaniment provided by Jason Cohen.


Preparing for the Choreographer

What if dance and choreography is not your strongest suit? This should come as a relief: we are here training to be storytellers. This class will focus on how to bring choreography to life beyond the technicality of movement. Taught by Brian O'Brien (Chicago), Nina Hudson, and Dylan Pearce (Radio City). 

Preparing for the Director

Discovering the emotional life of a character is very important. One way to achieve this is by leading with physicality. This class will break down Rudolph Laban's effort shapes (one ofthe most popular actor movement techniques)— encouraging students to focus on the 'outside first' and how it can help shape strong opinions about a character's experience, readying us for collaboration with a director. Taught by Jason Cohen, Academy on Stage Coordinator.

Preparing for the Music Director

Students will learn how to "mine"the score visually&aurally for character information and important events in a song. 'Ear Training' will help performers "get off the page"faster, leading to accelerated learning and inviting quicker collaboration with a Music Director. Taught by Jason Cohen, an Associate Teacher of TheoryWorks.

Theater Dance

Musical theater dance is rooted in the diverse history of Broadway musicals. Relying heavily on a knowledge of ballet, tap, and jazz, musical theater dancers are, first and foremost, actors and place a high focus on musical interpretation. Classes incorporate the style of dance one would typically see on a Broadway stage and is perfect for the actor/singer who would like to strengthen their dance skills. Taught by Wendy Roman.


This Tap class is designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility

6 Week Session Dance and Theater Classes

$300 per class

Registering to take your class virtually?  Receive a 25% discount.

Limited Work Study Opportunities and Scholarships are available.

6 Week Session Dance Enrichment Classes

$150 per class

6 Week Session Musical Theater Enrichment Classes

$100 per class


Placement in programs is not based solely on age.  APAA's Director and faculty evaluate students on their performance in class and on stage as well as their emotional and technical maturity.