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Teaching Assistant Application

Current APAA students and APAA Alumni, age 12 or above can apply for the APAA Teaching Assistant Program.


This program is designed to give students hands-on experience towards becoming trained instructors and mature leaders.  The opportunity to serve as a  Teaching Assistant is not only a great honor and responsibility, but also an invaluable learning experience that may result in future work references and teaching opportunities.

Assistants must complete a Teaching Assistant Application.  Assistant approval is determined by the director and staff.  All students accepted as Teaching Assistants must attend Teaching Assistant Training. 

Teaching Assistants will adhere to the following general guidelines as well as the more specific responsibilities for their assigned class.

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled class time.

  • Be professional, and show enthusiasm without being disruptive.

  • Learn student names and work to connect with students.

  • Notify faculty if late or absent from assigned duties. (Please note:  Teaching Assistants could be dismissed if the maximum absences are exceeded.)

  • Demonstrate proper technique, etiquette and behavior in the classroom.

  • Be respectful, proactive and helpful in any task faculty may ask.

  • Give corrections with confidence and in a positive way.


Students who are unable to commit to an entire session may apply to be a Substitute Assistant and can be called in to assist when needed.

Teaching Assistant positions are volunteer positions.

Teaching Assistants represent APAA and must be exemplary students and volunteers.  Any misconduct, poor behavior, poor sportsmanship, disrespect of fellow students, faculty, or staff in classroom or at performance/events will result in an immediate termination of position.   All assistants will be evaluated and assessed by the director and instructor periodically.  Assistants will receive a certificate documenting their contribution as an Assistant.

All applications for Fall 2021 are due by August 15.  

Contact Elyse Rosati at to find out more about the Teaching Assistant Program.

APAA Teaching Assistant Application
Available Days (If you cannot commit to a certain day, you can apply as a Substitute Assstant)

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