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APAC Capital Steps 2022

General $46

Group (10 or more) $36

There is a $3.50 Facility Fee per ticket.  Credit card purchases have an additional $3.50 Convenience Fee.


732-531-9106, ext 14.

DC's Reflecting Fools
America’s Political Musical Satire Troupe

September 17th, 2022 – 8 pm (Bell Works)

September 18th, 2022 – 2 pm (Bell Works)

Please don’t storm the Capitol Steps! The stairway to heavenly political satire originally laid by the Capitol Steps continues upward with DC’s Reflecting Fools—the new musical parody group created by the performers and co-writer from the Capitol Steps.


After receiving the retirement news, the North Shore Center worked with former co-writer and performers to set the stage for DC’s Reflecting Fools to pick up climbing where the Capitol Steps trailed off. A journey of a million miles begins with one Capitol Step. Let’s welcome some reflection! Join us for the East Coast Premiere performances unveiling the next political movement in comedy sweeping the country.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of burned 2020 presidential ballots, DC’s Reflecting Fools hold up a mirror to our crazy political culture, providing hilarious song parodies and “foolish reflections” that continue to inspire your belly-laughter. Audiences will continue to see casts from past seasons performing all the beloved bits, the show-ending and mind-boggling backward talking spoonerisms, break-neck costume changes, over-the-top impressions, and all-new song parodies reflecting the day’s news. Fight your desire to hold the head of democracy under shallow waters, DC’s Reflecting Fools just might get you to laugh a bit.

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