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ISRAEL | 105 MINUTES | 2021

An official selection of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as nominated for 7 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophirs) and winner of three Prizes at the Jerusalem Film Festival, including Best Israeli Film. The Death of Cinema and My Father Too is a personal journey of the film’s director tracking his father’s final days with a handheld camera, striving to freeze time and protect himself against the impending grief. His dying father is unsentimental about his own unavoidable end, dismissing any commemoration, while the son desperately attempts to perceive his father one last time as a hero.


A tragic-comic, hybrid blend of fact-and-fiction tinged with autobiographical references, this poignant story presents a unique film-within-a-film experience, where cinema crashes into the walls of reality. A melancholy and self-reflexive journey that juxtaposes the everlasting flow of time against the fleeting moment of death, this one-of-a-kind Israeli film provides a platform from which to consider what constitutes a cinematic memorial. And to think about cinema’s capacity to turn back time, but inability to stop it.

Nominated for 11 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophirs)

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