Pre-Professional Registration
Fall 2021
Pre-Professional Students Ages 12+ 
Audition Required


The Spongebob Musical Cast (Musical Theater) Classes and Rehearsals  

Tues - Games & Clowning (6-8 PM)

Thurs - Viewpoints (6-8 PM)

Sat - Spongebob Director Workshop/Rehearsal (4-7 PM)

Sun - The Spongebob Musical Rehearsal (1-5PM, schedule may vary)

Additional Individual Rehearsals for Lead Roles

Tech Week Rehearsals, Week of November 8, TBA


The Spongebob Musical Cast (Dance Ensemble) Classes and Rehearsals  

Fri - Ballet/Pointe Technique  (7-8:30 PM)

Sat - Spongebob Choreographer's Workshop/Rehearsal (5-7 PM)

Sun Oct 31 & Nov 7 - The Spongebob Musical Rehearsal (3-5PM)

Tech Week Rehearsals, Week of November 8, TBA

The Nutcracker Rocks Cast Classes and Rehearsals 

Mon - Partnering & Repertoire (7-8:30 PM)

Fri - Ballet/Pointe Technique  (7-8:30 PM)

Sun - Nutcracker Intensive (10 AM-12PM)

Sun - The Nutcracker Rocks Rehearsal (1-3PM)

Tech Week Rehearsals, Week of November 29, TBA

Fall 12 Week Session begins September 7 and ends December 19.

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Partnering & Repertoire 

Dancers will advance their ballet skills with basic partnering techniques and by learning classical variations during this 1.5 hour class.  Taught by AXCBT professionals.

Ballet/Pointe Technique

A 1.5 hour class focused on advancing your strength and ability. Become fluent in the rules of ballet, from the placement of the fingertips to the subtle skill of flexing the elbows. A professional class with Gabriel Chajnik and AXCBT professional dancers and live accompaniment by pianist, Joe Moffitt, bringing together the finest technique & artistry.

The Spongebob Musical Choreographers Workshop/Rehearsal

Spongebob Dance Ensemble students will work on musical theater dance techniques and then dive into choreography for the Spongebob Dance Ensemble numbers during this two hour workshop.

The Nutcracker Intensive

In this two hour class with AXCBT professionals students learn technique and placement, while emphasizing musicality, in preparation for Nutcracker season. 

Games & Clowing

Sometimes we are so bogged down in the technicalities of acting, we forget that when we're putting on a play we're supposed to - you guessed it - play. Through games and clowning exercises, students will explore their fun-filled impulses, ultimately giving way to more lively and creative performances.


Viewpoints is a physical approach to building a character and tell stories. Tina Landau, the director of The Spongebob Musical on Broadway, is one of the main minds behind Viewpoint and has taught and used it extensively.

The Spongebob Musical Director's Workshop/Rehearsal

Cast members will work with Director, Abby C. Smith, on musical theater techniques and then apply them to material for The Spongebob Musical in this 3 hour workshop.


The Spongebob Musical (Musical Theater)

$1800 for 3 classes per week plus rehearsals

The Spongebob Musical (Dance Ensemble)

$1200 for 2 classes per week plus rehearsals

The Nutcracker Rocks

$1800 for 3 classes per week plus rehearsals

The Nutcracker Rocks AND The Spongebob Musical (Dance Ensemble)

$2000 for 4 classes per week plus rehearsals

Dance and Theater Classes

$600 per class


Placement in programs is not based solely on age.  APAA's Director and faculty evaluate students on their performance in class and on stage as well as their emotional and technical maturity.