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United States, 2022 | English 102 min | Comedy

April 3rd - April 6th


Marvin is an ambitious cigar maker trying to support his own family while still being there for his aging parents, Mordecai and Fela.  When Mordecai's ancient flip phone breaks, he starts to take lessons on his new iPhone, opening him up to all kinds of novel experiences and adventures, which makes him feel like a kid again. An uplifting comedy that urges us all to live the one life we have to the fullest.


A heart-warming comedy based on a true story, Starring Academy Award nominated and two-time Emmy-winning actor, Judd Hirsch (star of the Emmy-winning sitcom Taxi, Ordinary People, Independence Day), Academy Award nominated actress, Carol Kane (Hester Street), and Academy Award nominated actor Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings).

Directed by
Marvin Samel

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