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Directed by Stefan Bühling

Release:  2023  |  Runtime: 88 min. |  Country: Germany | Language: German with English subtitles 

Berlin,1943. Upper-class widow Martha Liebermann could never have imagined having to leave her beloved homeland at the age of 85. As a Jew, however, her only choice is to go abroad or wait to be deported to a concentration camp. The high reputation and valuable paintings of her world-famous artist husband Max Liebermann still give her protection. But for how much longer? Martha's friends pressure her into an illegal sale to finance her escape with Hanna Solf's resistance group. Gestapo commissioner Teubner and his henchman now see his perfidious opportunity to set a trap for the courageous opponents of the regime. The art expert Solbach, who works for the Nazis and wants to bring his lover Benjamin to safety, is opaque. Can you trust him? When the situation escalates dramatically and she even has to fear for her faithful housekeeper Luise, Martha Liebermann shows her true wisdom and greatness.

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