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Written by: Erez Tadmor, Hava Divon & Yaki Reisner
Directed by: Erez Tadmor

Release:  2022  |  Runtime: 98  |  Country: Israel | Language: Hebrew with English Subtitles


Cast: Maor Schwitzer, Liana Ayun, Amit Rahav, Irit Kaplan, Adi Biti, Guy Loel,  Roy Assaf, Raymonde Amsallem

In This Heartfelt Comedy, Moti Bernstein is the son every mother wants, a student every Rabbi loves to teach, and the perfect match for every bride. In search of a wife, he will meet the best girls in the Jewish Orthodox world but will fall for the one girl he can never have. Will there be “ A Match Made in Heaven“ for Moti?

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