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Written by: Erez Tadmor, Hava Divon & Yaki Reisner
Directed by: Erez Tadmor

Release:  2023  |  Runtime: 121 min  |  Country: Germany | Language: English


ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT. To save the synagogue of the once largest Jewish community in the world from being shut down, Ben, an ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Jew visiting Jerusalem, is sent out to be the desperately needed tenth man for the ceremonies of Pesach. Having missed his plane and been kicked off the bus in the Sinai Desert, his last hope is Adel, a grumpy Bedouin looking for his camel. When their car breaks down, it becomes a matter of their very survival. Although rescued by the monks of St. Catherine, Ben is too sick to go on. It is the Bedouin disguised as Ben who is now rushing on towards Alexandria to save the Jewish community.

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