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Directed by Phinehas Veuillet

2023  | Comedy | Runtime: 105 min | France | Language: French with English Subtitles


NOR BY DAY, NOR BY NIGHT tells the story of a French family of Sephardic heritage living in the heart of the Ashkenazi community in Bnei Brak, Israel. The story centers at the struggle between the father, Shmuel, and his son’s Talmud Torah (Torah study) headmaster - a conflict that will lead to tragic, unexpected results.


It’s a summer day in Bnei Brak, Rafael had just celebrated his bar mitzvah and the fateful minor-yeshiva exams are under way. While the Talmud Torah students are studying diligently, Rafael, who is considered to be the most qualified and dedicated of his class - is heartbroken. He knows well that his familial background won’t allow his acceptance into the community’s prestigious institutes, no matter how hard he tries.

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