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Powder Keg

July 14-16 Wed Thurs Fri


Denmark 2020 | Narrative | 106 minutes

Directed by Ole Christian Madsen


The lives of four strangers intersect tragically in this dramatization of the February 2015 terrorist attacks that rocked Copenhagen. With Europe on edge following Al-Qaeda violence in France, a radicalized gunman reigns a night of terror, targeting a cultural center and synagogue. With gathering dread, the hours prior to the attack are told through the perpetrator’s eyes, and two victims: a Danish filmmaker and a Jewish security watchman. Meantime, a burned-out SWAT officer (Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is key in the manhunt to bring Omar to justice. Danish Academy Award-winning writer-director Ole Christian Madsen’s gripping drama captures the shocking events that forever changed Denmark’s views on homegrown terrorism.

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