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Directed by Yona Rozenkier

Release:  2022  |  Runtime: 105 min. |  Country: Israel | Language: Hebrew with English subtitles

Winner of Best Israeli Film, Best Actor, and Best Cinematography at the Jerusalem Film Festival, and nominated for an additional 8 Israeli Academy Awards (Ophirs), Road to Eilat is a semi-autobiographical bittersweet tale about estranged father and son Kibbutzniks who set off on an eventful road trip across Israel on an old tractor. The story centers around Albert, an aging war veteran brilliantly portrayed by Shmuel Vilozni (MJFF films Fractures and And Then She Arrived), who one fateful night impulsively makes a drunken bet: that he will drive his rundown old tractor all the way to Eilat. Ben, his grumpy and jobless son, is reluctantly roped into the adventure. Together, this feisty odd couple embarks on an extraordinary journey across the entire expanse of Israel, chugging along at a steady 35 km/h pace, with the ambitious goal of completing the trip in just one week. Along the way, their comical and poignant road trip leads to forgiveness and understanding as they travel from their kibbutz through the overlooked corners of Israel, encountering fellow travelers who share their hope for a brighter future and a better life.

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