Tango Shalom 

July 19-21 Mon Tues Wed

US 2020 | Comedy | 1h 55min

Directed by Gabriel Bologna


Moshe Yehuda (Jos Laniado), a Hasidic Rabbi and amateur Hora dancer, enters a big televised Tango competition to save his Hebrew school from bankruptcy. There is only one problem: due to his orthodox religious beliefs, he is not allowed to touch a woman! At odds with his wife (Judi Beecher) and five kids, the Grand Rabbi (Bern Cohen) of his orthodox sect, and Moshe's entire Hasidic community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Moshe is forced to ask a Catholic priest (Joseph Bologna), a Muslim imam (Yasir Sitara), and a Sikh holy man (Hamza Zaman) for advice. Together, they hash out a plan to help Moshe dance in the Tango contest "without sacrificing his sacred beliefs"... setting in motion a fun, passionate dance movie. Heart-pumping and heartwarming, "TANGO SHALOM" tests the bonds of family and community, and the bounds of tolerance and faith. One dazzling dance step at a time "TANGO SHALOM" is an inspiring and joyous celebration of Hasidic Jewish life.

Worldwide distributor:  https://visionfilms.net

Festival distributor: https://www.tangoshalommovie.com

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