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ISRAEL | 360 MINUTES | 2020

From the award-winning producers that brought us Fauda, Shtisel, and the original version of Your Honor, The Chef was the second most-watched drama on TV in Israel in 2020. When his lucrative IT career comes to an end, 44-year-old family man Nimrod (Guri Alfi, also at MJFF with The New Jew) makes an unexpected decision: starting over as a lowly prep cook at a trendy restaurant in Tel Aviv. Learning how to cook professionally is hard enough but just as challenging is dealing with his new colleagues — chef/owner Dori, whose huge talent is overshadowed by an even bigger ego, and Sara, who sees Nimrod as more than just a workmate. Taking us behind the scenes of this extremely competitive world, The Chef is the TV equivalent of a delicious Michelin-starred meal, better watched on a full stomach. A riveting cast and sharp story add enough spice to make this mouthwatering Israeli series a flavorful treat for all foodies and lovers of a great story.


Nominated for 12 Israeli Television Academy Awards

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