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Annie took Twenty years, Hamilton Ten years.  Musicals are tricky things that make them so entertaining: music, lyrics, story, set, costumes, and choreography must be perfectly balanced and modulated.


Professor J Laurence Lowenstein, after directing ninety shows at Brookdale Community College (twenty of them musicals) decided to write one of his own. After getting the main idea from a tabloid article, he found a composer and director and had a staged reading to see if the piece worked. it did.


Next was a two-week workshop that worked even better. The musical was a finalist in the Eugene O Neill new musicals festival. After another staged reading at Two RiverTheater, Axelrod presented a full production that made the creatives very happy. But they were not through. Two new songs were added. Things that did not work went out and new things went in.


We'd like to invite theater lovers interested in the creative process to hear  Larry discuss his journey with brief excerpts from the Axelrod production plus Broadway performers singing the new songs.


Admission is free and Lunch from Fred and Murray's delicatessen will be complimentary.


Donations Welcome to Help Support Axelrod New Works Projects.

Funding Made Possible through The NJ Theater Alliance


Most importantly, audiences will be asked to offer suggestions and opinions about what they have. just seen.

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