Work Study / Scholarship


Work Study / Scholarship


The APAA Work Study/Scholarship Program offers tuition assistance to aspiring pre-professional performers pursuing a comprehensive education in the performing arts.

Work Study/Scholarship awards are limited and are based on the judgement of APAA leadership.


Work Study students earn discounted tuition in exchange for work performed for APAAWork opportunities may include: front desk support, Primary class assistance, summer session chaperone, and event support.  The APAA Work Study Program selects mature, reliable, and trustworthy parents and students.  Work Study is a wonderful way to make a contribution to APAA in exchange for amazing education opportunities, however families may apply for Scholarship only. 

Applicants must:

  • submit an application

  • provide a copy of the first page of both parent's most recent tax return

  • provide a statement of financial need

  • particiapte in an interview with APAA leadership

Current APAA students will also be evaluated on teacher assessments and attendance records. 

New APAA students must also submit two letters of recommendation.

Work Study/Scholarship applicants must be accepted into APAA via audition prior to applying for Work Study/Scholarship.

All applications and associated paperwork for Summer 2021 are due by May 15.  

Students may register for classes without paying a deposit while waiting for a decision.  Any tuition due will be adjusted based on Work Study/Scholarship arrangement.  Adjusted deposit is due upon acceptance of arrangement.

Contact Elyse Rosati at to find out more about the Work Study Program.

APAA Work Study / Scholarship Application
Additional documents will be requested after submission of application.
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