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Film Bootcamp is a dynamic four-week program providing students with a fun introduction to the filmmaking process. Led by film & television star/producer/director, Grayson Berry (Days of Our Lives, Law & Order, Cobra Kai, Better Call Saul, Vengeance w/ BJ Novak & Ashton Kutcher) and writer/producer/director, Thomas Ryan Ward (Mean Girls the Musical Movie) students will experience all aspects of filmmaking – storytelling basics, technical workshops, acting essentials and well as guest artists and industry insiders.

This intensive workshop promises to equip aspiring filmmakers with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the real-world challenges of the film industry, with the possibility of guest speakers and industry insiders enhancing the experience. The syllabus covers directing, hands-on camera and lighting, hands-on editing, and screenwriting, ensuring a well-rounded education in film production.


The program culminates in a premiere night at Bell Theater showcasing the short films created by students, followed by an award ceremony, and a Q&A session. Also, a handful of the films will be showcased at Grayson and Ryan’s film festival in Austin, TX in the fall!

*Students MUST have access to an in-class Smart Phone & at-home computer/ laptop

with star/producer/director Grayson Berry

and writer/producer/director Thomas Ryan Ward




March 25 - April 18, 2024

5PM - 7PM (Mondays and Thursdays)

Ages 14-20

@ BellWorks 101 Crawfords Corner Road Holmdel

Pricing: $500


Week 1 Intro to Filmmaking

  • March 25  "The Stories We Tell"

  • March 28 Pre-Production

Week 2 Get Ready, Get Set.... Wait

  • April 1 "Last Looks"

  • April 4 "It's All in the Editing"


Week 3 Get the Role ..... to Rolling

  • April 8 Working Actors Workshop

  • April 11 "Getting the Shot"


Week 4 "We're Not on the Red Carpet Yet, Kid"

  • April 15 Shoot Day

  • April 18 Shoot Day

April 22 Premiere Night!


Have a question? Email

or visit us at AXCBT Studios @ Bell Works 

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